Friday, March 20, 2009

Trish for Target

While flipping through the newest edition of InStyle magazine, this photo caught my eye. It is a new limited edition line for Target from their 'Design for All' series featuring Miss Trish. Wouldn't these look sweet with a nice manicure?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Monkey and Coffee

I must be craving coffee as I just posted about donuts below and now this picture of Ben at a Dunkin Donuts. We had such a good time spending an hour reading books (and yes, ate a donut) before we had to pick Bel up from school. Ben just wanted to look a books while I read magazines and then after a bit, I would read to him. This brand new 3 year old does not usually stay on a task that long. Does that mean he is growing up? NO, don't say that.

Time to make the Donuts

I am salivating. Yes, I know, you should not chew your toys but would you blame your kids for sticking these in their mouths? Adorable.