Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our Fancy Nancy Party

We had a very fun weekend celebrating Isabel's 5th birthday! We started with a Fancy Nancy themed party on Saturday. We made some cute Martha Stewart Pink Pom-poms for the playroom and went all out making a fancy table in the dining room including little pots with mini pom-poms and butterflies. She was so excited and picked out her ensemble. She also help choose her menu for the day. It consisted of: heart and star shaped ham and pb&j sandwiches, baby carrots and hummus, olives, goldfish, grapes and cheese sticks. Oh, and fizzy pink lemonade.

The cake: Isabel requested a bottom of chocolate and top of vanilla. She wanted some pink and fancy stuff so this was our creation.

Her party began with some free play time while we greeted parents, followed by some fancy nancy coloring pages and mazes. We then decorated some jewelry boxes with 'gems'. I had painted the rim pink and written a their names in glitter glue earlier in the week. The funniest thing was that Isabel asked me 'Mommy, why did you scribble on all of the jewelry boxes?'. I looked at them and realized that I had written in cursive-so funny!! Since everyone was hungry early, we ate lunch and then went outside to read some fancy nancy books. Daddy then took the girls on treasure hunts in the backyard for a while. We played with bubbles, took photos of each girl with Isabel and then opened gifts. Ben had his buddy Hudson over and they spent lots of time playing cars, trains and making bubbles for the girls to chase.

Happy Birthday my sweet fancy girl.