Sunday, May 17, 2009

Creative Writing?

Mr. D washed, peeled and chopped the carrots as instructed by his wife via an email. She is ill, in bed for the second day, and hoping that a large bowl of carrot-apple soup will cure her. Their sweet five year old is giving her dolls a bath while the handsome three year old is enjoying his afternoon slumber. What is mom doing in bed? planning, learning, coughing, scheming, dreaming, smiling, coughing, again and realizing that she has succumbed to her heightened senses at this moment. Could this be the result of too little rest and being sautéed like onions in the Florida sun for 7 days? Is she the unlucky recipient of a fellow flyers germ? What I am writing about? I do not know, I think my fever is back.

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